Members and Trustees

Members and Trustees

Members and Trustees
School Members, Trustees and Governors

School Governing Bodies are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, they set the school's aims and policies.

Rubina Darr – CEO, Trustee

John Orchard - Chair, Trustee

To contact our Chair, please email or contact the office.

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John Orchard (Trustee) Chair of Trustees

A retired local government accountant who has been involved with school governance for nearly thirty years. Over this period he has been a governor at three primary schools and one secondary school. In addition, he has been a member of two Interim Executive Boards, one at a primary school and the other a secondary school which were successfully transferred to academy trusts. Beyond education, he also chaired the trustee board at Birmingham Citizens' Advice for six years and currently chairs the trustee board of Shencare Community Transport.

Annette O’Neill (Member)

A registered chiropractor for over ten years in Birmingham having two chiropractic businesses in the city. She has a keen interest in physical and mental well being linked to her chiropractice. Part of her current role is being involved in chiropractic research for young children and adults and the impact on their development, particularly with links to brain function and diet. She has worked with vulnerable woman in Birmingham city to rehabilitate them into the community. Her business provides well-being services for staff in schools, that includes coaching to support areas such as advice on ‘work life balance’.

Yva Alexandrova Meadway (Member)

Over ten years of combined international and UK experience in humanitarian and charity work. I currently work as Policy Manager for the Migrants Resource Centre, a charity working to support migrants and refugees in their integration and setting up a new life in the UK. I work both with newly arriving migrants and long settled ethnic communities to help develop policies that reflect their needs and experiences and to ensure their voices are heard.

Rubina Darr (Trustee)

Head Teacher for ten years and under my leadership took my current school from satisfactory to being judged as outstanding school in November 2014. I am an NLE and was previously an LLE for over 5 years and since 2012 have been providing leadership and school improvement both commissioned by the LA for tailor-made strategic and operational school improvement for special measures schools. Until recently I was an active member of the LA school improvement group. I regularly have Head Teachers both locally and nationally visit my school for examples of best practice.

Barbara Jacques (Trustee)

A long career as an Area Manager in schools catering services for Birmingham City Council. She has been responsible for managing staff, conducting appraisals as well as chairing hearings and disciplinaries. Most recently she has been working in NHS hospitals. A director of her own domestic hygiene business. Has been a successful Chair of Governors of an outstanding primary school and Vice Chair of another outstanding primary school in Birmingham. She has a deep understanding of the role of all stakeholders in primary schools to secure a good education for children and continual school improvement. She also has significant experience of engaging with diverse communities and currently being the lead safeguarding governor.
Natasha Williams (Trustee)
I am a member of a diverse community and under-represented groups. I have business acumen and a sound understanding of financial procedures including best value and probity. I have experience within my current work remit of HR and personnel procedures within the business and charity sector. I also, having read the requirements of the Academies Financial Handbook have a clear understanding of accountability at all levels. I have a deep interest in the components of a good education and what success looks like and how it is achieved and sustained within the education setting. My business skills within the sector I work in also reflect a strategic understanding as well as the day-to-day operations that enable success.
Ellen Osborne (Trustee)
I have gained more than 20 years of local government experience within the education sector giving me extensive knowledge of recruitment and pre-employment practices within schools. I currently support more than 500 schools to ensure recruitment and Single Central Record are compliant with Ofsted, Home Office and Audit. I provide bespoke advice around complex recruitment issues.
I am also a Qualified Workplace Mediator and have dealt with both simple and complex cases, working with various categories of employees, from senior leaders to administration.
Nasir Uddin (Trustee)
I am Chief Operations Officer at NHS England (The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust). I have extensive experience in operations management within a Trust and I am fully aware of strategic overview at the different levels within Trust Structures. I have a background in Financial Management at Trust level and am aware of the challenges that can arise.
I work within and across teams within my role as Cheif Operations Officer. I am a parent trustee with a deep understanding of local communities. I am on the board to ensure and provide a great educational experience at this MAT.
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